Lesson 19: Distinguishing Things

Distinguishing Things by Lao language


Lao Pronunciation English
ບ່າຍ bai afternoon
ຮັບ hap to receive
ຮັບເອົາ hap ao to pick up
ກາງຄືນ kang khun nighttime
ກາງເວັນ kang vean daytime
ກາງ kang middle, in the middle
ເຂົ້າ khao to enter, arrive
ເຄີຍ khoy ever
ບໍ່ເຄີຍ bo khoy never
ຄວນ (ຈະ) khuan  (cha) should
ຂື້ນ khun to rise, take off
ລຳ lam clf. boats, planes
ລົງ long to descend, land
ຈັກໜ້ອຍ chak noy in a moment
ອອກ ook to exit, leave
ພໍດີ pho di just then
ຊ້າ sa slow
ສົ່ງ song to send off
ທັນ than in time
ທັນເວລາ than ve la on time
ຕາມ ເວລາ tam vela really, genuine
ແທ້ thae part, part of the day
ຕອນ ton must
ຕ້ອງ tong time, occasion
ເທື່ອ theu fast
ໄວ vai afternoon

Conversation 1: Must

Lao Pronunciation English
A1 ຂ້ອຍຕ້ອງໄປເດີ່ນບິນ khoy tong pai doen bin I have to go to the airport.
B1 ໄປເຮັດຫຍັງ ? pai hed jang? What for ?
A2 ໄປສົ່ງເອື້ອຍຂ້ອຍ pai song uoy khoy To send off my sister.

Conversation 2: Should

Lao Pronunciation English
A1 ເຮືອບິນຂື້ນຈັກໂມງ ? huo bin khun chak mong? What time does the plane depart ?
B1 ບ່າຍໂມງຊາວ bai mong sao 1:20 PM.
A2 ຄັນຊັ້ນເຈົ້າຄວນຈະອອກ ຈາກ ນີ້ ຕອນທ່ຽງ khan san chao khuan cha ook chak ni  ton thiang In that case, you should leave here at noon.

Conversation 3: Distinguishing Things

Lao Pronunciation English
A1 ເຈົ້າມາຊ້າແທ້ ຈັກໜ້ອຍບໍ່ທັນຍົນ chao ma sa thae  chak noy bo than yon You’re so late; a little later and you would have missed the plane.
B1 ຍົນຂອງເຮົາແມ່ນລຳໃດ ? yon khong hao maen lam dai? Which plane is ours ?
A2 ແມ່ນລຳສີຂາວ, ສີຟ້າ maen lam si khau,  si fa It’s the white and blue one.

Conversation 4: Never Ever

Lao Pronunciation English
A1 ເຈົ້າເຄີຍຂີ່ເຮືອບິນບໍ ? chao khoy khi hue bin bo? Have you ever ridden on a plane ?
B1 ບໍ່, ບໍ່ເຄີຍຈັກເທື່ອ bo,  bo khoey chak thue No, never once.

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